Steele Location

700 South Walnut Street, P.O. Box 216
Steele, Missouri 63877

Email: e2eae291s--v8cj_2iAVVXANk@iLt-0u0uMwkyxAKt-k|
Phone: 573-695-4435
Fax: 573-695-4436

Winter Hours:
Monday to Friday: 7am - 4pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Portageville Location

724 East 10th St.
Portageville, Missouri 63873

Email: e2eae631Olg108jMhpiF1M4Oh1WOZD8n|
Phone: 573-379-5451
Fax:  573-379-9365

Winter Hours:
Monday to Friday: 7am - 5pm
Saturday: Temp. Closed due to Covid-19
Sunday: Closed

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